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Rehersals are currently using Zoom. For login details e-mail

We hold rehearsals each Monday evening during term time. Contact us by e-mail or have a look at the rehearsal calendar to make sure we will be there.  Rehearsals are usually held at the Old Gym at Wellington College. If not we will be at a venue a few metres away. If you arrive by 8:00 PM there will be someone to show you.

Prospective members are welcome to join in a rehearsal. Music will be provided. You will be introduced to one of the committee and your part rep. (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). If you are not sure you can make a guess and see how you get on.

If you have not sung in a choir for some time, or never, do not worry. Whilst many of our members are seasoned choral singers, there are many who joined with little or no experience or ability to read music. They are now valued members of the group.

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