Rehearsal Support

Here are two sites  which have SATB rehearsal tracks for our current pieces.

Cyberbass ( is a completely free site. It is possible to alter the speed of each track, slower or faster, which is very helpful for those tricky bits. Currently both the Faure Requiem and the Verdi Requiem are available on this site.

John Fletcher’s rehearsal files ( provides a wide range of music. Pieces which are out of copyright are free, otherwise there is an annual fee payable, currently £10 for individuals. It is not quite as user friendly as Cyberbass but is a good source.

Currently both the Faure and Verdi Requiem are available on this site as is the Bairstow Blessed City Heavenly Salem.

Fauré Requiem There is a good CD or MIDI download available from Choraline.

For the Durufle 4 Motets there is a ” myriad” file available from Choralia

This needs the Myriad Melody Player which can be downloaded from the Choralia site for free.

For smaller pieces Chris Ives (tenor) has sometimes created his own MIDI files using Noteworthy Composer and would be happy to share these with anyone who would like one.  They take a while to do and he can’t start until he has the score so it’s usually half way through the term before these would be ready.